Building Eye Innovation


Our mission is to drive healthcare innovation by introducing a groundbreaking magnesium-based drug delivery platform. With this technology, we aim to revolutionize patient care for those battling retinal diseases.

Our vision is to disrupt the ophthalmological landscape, making treatments more effective, enhancing patient adherence, and ultimately reducing healthcare costs. Pioneering a brighter future for ophthalmic care, together.


A Revolution in Ophthalmological Treatments

MgShell aspires to inspire a change in ophthalmology. We have developed a magnesium-based drug delivery platform capable of reshaping patient care, enhancing treatment adherence for patients suffering from retinal diseases, and lowering healthcare expenses.

Growth Trend of Magnesium Clinical Trials and Publications

Currently, magnesium potential impact is being investigated in 2444 clinical trials for the treatment of various medical conditions and diseases. Magnesium has been the subject of extensive research from diverse angles, and scientific publications related to it have notably surged over the past two decades.

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