About Us

Pioneering a brighter future for eye care together

At MgShell, our shared vision and mission unite everyone within the company. We are dedicated to redefining ophthalmology.



Our mission is to drive healthcare innovation by introducing a groundbreaking magnesium-based drug delivery platform. With this technology, we aim to revolutionize patient care for those battling retinal diseases.

Our vision is to disrupt the ophthalmological landscape, making treatments more effective, enhancing patient adherence, and ultimately reducing healthcare costs. Pioneering a brighter future for ophthalmic care, together.

Our Team

Marco Ferroni
co-founder & CEO

Responsible for strategy, operations and management of the company. PhD in Bioengineering on ocular drug delivery at Politecnico di Milano.

Francesco De Gaetano
co-founder & CTO

Responsible for the product and technological development. PhD in Bioengineering on implantable medical devices development at Politecnico di Milano.

Federica Boschetti
co-founder & scientific advisor

Scientific member of the advisory board with 20 years of experience in biomaterials and drug delivery. Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Medtec School.

Matteo Cereda
co-founder & Clinical advisor

Clinical member of the advisory board, MD in ophthalmology with 15 years of experience. Retinal specialist at Sacco Hospital and honorary vitreo-retinal fellow at Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

Margherita Pizzi
Mechanical R&D Scientist

Responsible for the technological manufacturing. MSc in Biomedical Engineering and PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Beatrice Belgio
Biomedical R&D Scientist

Responsible for biological and pharmacological compatibility. PhD in Bioengineering on in-vitro retina models at Politecnico di Milano.

Marco Ferroni
president & chairman of the board

Since the beginning, CEO of MgShell and co-responsible for the transition from academic project to spin-off and innovative startup.

Francesco De Gaetano
member of the board

Since the beginning, CTO of MgShell and co-responsible for the transition from academic project to spin-off and innovative startup.

Enrico Gianotti
member of the board

CEO & Founder at PE Industrial, with several years of experience in new technologies for different industries. BA of Club degli Investitori.

Stefano Gallucci
observer of the board

Partner at Cysero Venture Capital, with over 25 years of experience as CEO from nano-technology to renewable energy.

Marco Gullà
observer of the board

Investment Associate for HTH and previously for some of the most relevant players in the italian life sciences startup landscape, such as Bioindustry Park and ZCube.



Incubator-accelerator born in 2018 which supports young startups and teams at pre-seed, seed and early stages.

BiosLine Holding

Holding company with interests in life science initiatives.

Club degli Investitori

Network of 350 business angels that invests in startups, scaleups and innovative SMEs.

Italian Angels for Biotech

Association made by a group of people with significant experience in Life Sciences.

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