Building Eye Innovation

A Revolution in Ophthalmological Treatments

MgShell aspires to inspire a change in ophthalmology. We have developed a magnesium-based drug delivery platform capable of reshaping patient care, enhancing treatment adherence for patients suffering from retinal diseases, and lowering healthcare expenses.

Our platform is currently undergoing pre-clinical validation with active principles used for the treatment of the exudative form of age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema. We have demonstrated biological and pharmacological compatibilities and achieved miniaturization for intravitreal injection procedures.


Device for intraocular release of a medicament
Controlled release device


A cutting force and hole geometry study for precision deep-hole microdrilling of magnesium
Cold microdrawing of pure magnesium capillary structures for biomedical applications
A Deep-Hole Microdrilling Study of Pure Magnesium for Biomedical Applications
Evaluation of the ocular fluid dynamic effects on intraocular magnesium-based device: A comparison between CFD and FSI approaches
A drug delivery analysis of large molecules in ocular vitreous chamber: Dependency on saccadic movements after intravitreal injection
A Combined Approach for the Analysis of Ocular Fluid Dynamics in the Presence of Saccadic Movements
Saccadic movement effects on intraocular drug delivery for a wet-AMD clinical case

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